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I think I’ve really found it. The path in life that will actually work for me. The people that know my story, know how I’ve been searching for a career that suits me. That search started in the time that I put my very first blog on this website. Many times I thought I figured it out, but soon I would run into difficulties that I couldn’t resolve. However, the process that I started in August of 2016 was necessary to take me to where I am today. I slowly grew and discovered new things about myself.

I needed this amount of time and I’m happy how it all played out, even though I had some really rough times.

I’d like to share the story of how I reached a very important pivot point last summer and how I progressed from there. How I knew that this was the right time to reach out for some help from a professional. For some years I had the plan of searching for the help of a therapist. I kept discovering things about myself that I needed guidance with. But the time didn’t feel right. Instead I worked on the things I discovered by myself. I felt that I should do as much work alone as I could. I worked on accepting that certain things work a very specific way for me.One of the things that I tried to accept was that I would end up having a different employer every year.

When I started my travels through Europe last year I was counting on developing myself further. At some point I suddenly realized that I really couldn’t accept having a new employer every year. I knew I arrived at the point to find somebody to help me to get over the last hurdles I couldn’t face alone. I found a coach who is very similar to myself and has a focus on helping people who are having struggles in work situations. I really enjoyed working with her. We worked through many of the things that have come up over the past years.

She pushed the right buttons in me to help me discover what job would really fit me. It’s strange to look back at it, because she never told me what to do or where to look specifically. She never mentioned the job that I ended up going for. She just facilitated my discoveries. She opened my mind, gave me the right exercises and assignments. Without her I’m fairly confident that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It sounds a bit like a heavy statement, even to my own ears, since I started working with her only half a year ago. But I can tell things have changed for the better. During my work with her I ended up chatting with a coworker from the temp job that I took in the climbing gym. After telling him a bit about what brought me to the area, he asked me if I ever considered working in education. Only a week before, with help from my mom, I decided to look into being a practice teacher (in the sense of not teaching theory, teaching kids how to do things with their hands) in a green college. Turns out that he is a teacher at a Steiner-Waldorf school and teaches horticulture.

He told me there was a job opening there and he motivated me to apply.

Now, a few months later, we are also coworkers at school. I teach five classes of 12-13 year old’s. A short portion of the class we cover some theory of horticulture. We’ve been working on the families of edible plants for the last few weeks. But they also learn about the tools they use and things like that. When theory is finished we go outside. Depending on the work that needs to be done they plant, weed, prune or harvest.

The job seems to prevent issues I had before in jobs. It challenges me in the right way. Every day is different, which is a big plus for me. And the biggest plus is that I spend a lot of time outdoors in a green environment, not behind a computer screen.

Soon I’ll go back to school myself to obtain a teaching degree. I’m somewhat nervous to go back to school, even though it’s only one day a week. It’s been 14 years since I graduated. It’s not like I didn’t learn anything since that time, but learning in such a structured way is always very different. I’m excited to explore this new world more and grow to become a full fledged teacher.

Who would have known that I would become a teacher, I sure as hell didn’t. I was actually certain of all the things that I would end up doing, teaching wasn’t one  of them. But here I am, and this is where I’ll be.

7 Replies to “Path found”

  1. I love your story. I love waldorf education for the very reasons you described . I am in a similar place in my life at a juncture of what I want to do and how I want to balance what I love with a work life that I love , and also being in nature as much as possible . Thank you for sharing your story . I am happy for you

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  2. I am so happy to read how this path came on your path. The world would be an even more beautiful place if we humans would all be on a fitting, satisfying path. Hopefully you will continue to find much joy and inspire others. I hope I will find mine too, soon…

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