Goals for 2021

It’s happening! This time nothing is going to stop me…. Hopefully. I’m on the road to new adventures. In march of 2020 I shared my plan to travel and climb in Europe for a year. The plan at that time was to start my travels in the North of Italy. That’s where the pandemic hit fist, and it hit hard.

At this time the world has started to vaccinate and I think that everyone is looking forward to getting back to a more normal life. Some might feel I’m going too early and I get that. However, this is the timing I have to deal with. I lost my job now and if I look for a new one who knows how long I’m stuck in that. So I decided to leave now. But I have readjusted my plans.

I’m glad that my plan was already about traveling in Europe, with the open border policy it makes traveling through my fellow European countries a lot easier. You might wonder why I chose to travel through Europe in the first place. Most people go backpacking on the other side of the world. A combination of many factors made me choose this. First of all, I’ve been to many parts of the world already, and there is so much to see close to home. I wanted to take my caravan with me on my trip. Also it was important to me that I didn’t fly, since planes have a massive impact on climate change. Lastly, I also want to write more about rock climbing in Europe.

However, rock climbing won’t be the main focus. At least not in the beginning. If we’re free to travel, if this pandemic really is under control I will probably change tactics. For, at least, the first few months I’ll be staying at workaways.

A workaway, a host, offers food and a place to stay. In exchange for that you help them out with projects they’re working on or chores that have to be taken care of. It’s a great way to exchange knowledge and culture. The first destination I’m planning to go to is in Northern Spain. A lovely young lady has bought herself a 17th century house that she needs help with getting renovated. I’m really excited to learn about home renovation. It’s something I’d love to do for myself some day. I can teach her about gardening and designing her garden. Since that’s something she wants to work on in the future. I’m looking forward to all these new experiences I’m heading towards.

The goal for the coming months is to learn and experience new things.

I love learning, especially if it doesn’t feel like learning. I’m planning to expose myself to new challenges. Whenever I get back home I already know that I will have grown. I will have learned new things about people, about the world and hopefully have some new skills. I’m looking forward to meeting that changed person.

5 Replies to “Goals for 2021”

  1. Hi! Ik zag je net rijden in Frankrijk op de E15 bij Arras! Fijn hè de zon !!
    Een hele mooie reis gewenst!
    Wij zijn momenteel onderweg naar Normandië, later Portugal. Wie weet tot ziens onderweg:)

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