4 weeks without news

As of monday the 6th of july I won’t watch, read or listen to any news for four weeks. Recently I’ve noticed that I’m having more and more negative feelings moving around in my body. Many of these feelings have to do with how corona is handled, the black lives movement, climate change, inequality etc. Most of me feeling upset and angry are directed towards the rich and powerful. Whatever way I think about it, it’s resulting in me feeling incapable of doing anything while at the same time thinking that some of my ideas could do so much good.

On an evening when I was talking with some friends, one of them made the comment I needed to hear.

He said some people just don’t let themselves be informed and they live a perfect happy life. I’ve heard this before, but somehow it clicked.

For years I’ve lowered the amount of news getting to me. But the last few months, with everything going on in the world, I’m reading more and more. So in four weeks time I hope to see how big the impact of the news really is on me. I think the best way to find out is to now write down how I’m feeling and see how it compares to four weeks later when I finish my experiment.

I online found a list of negative feelings and I’ll sum up the words that apply to me now. I’ll see how it compares to a few weeks down the road.

  • Alienated
  • Angry
  • Betrayed
  • Bitter
  • Chained
  • Controlled
  • Demoralized
  • Deprived
  • Despair
  • Disappointed
  • Dominated
  • Frightened
  • Frustrated
  • Helpless
  • Hopeless
  • Insecure
  • Manipulated
  • Misunderstood
  • Neglected
  • Not needed
  • Outcast
  • Panicky
  • Powerless
  • Put down
  • Small
  • Terrified
  • Tormented
  • Unprotected
  • Unsafe

It’s a big list. A large amount on this list I only feel a little, but I hope it will help me compare to me not seeing or reading any news for these four weeks. Maybe it’s not the news doing it to me. Who knows. Let’s find out.

So as of monday morning I’ll remove my facebook and news app from my phone. I’ll stay away from facebook on my laptop. Only using it to quickly do my blog posting. I have the news topic closed on youtube and I won’t listen to the radio. I’ll ask the people around me who are very much into news to please not talk to me about any news.

I think I’ve got it all covered in this way. I’m ready for this challenge and see what the results are.

For the results, go here.

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