The beauty of loneliness

Lees in het Nederlands

Aren’t you lonely? A common question I get when people find out I live in a caravan. I am thankful for people asking me, since I think it means that they worry about my wellbeing.

Not to worry. It’s a misconception that I’m out there all on my own in a caravan. So far I’ve never been in an empty campground. During summer more passerby campers and in the winter more of the same faces. But there are always people either like me or for some other reason staying full time in a caravan. 

Year round, no matter the weather.

Since I’m living in the small space I often have to go out; for a shower, going to the toilet, doing the dishes. These are thé moments that I meet others and have a conversation. Because this is what you do when camping. When I lived in whatever city in whatever cheap apartment, I would hardly ever talk to my neighbors. Each person keeps to their own.

So in a way my life has become less lonely.

On the other hand, over the last few years I’ve learned to venture on my own. I was always scared to do things alone, scared of the unknown. Only when I was forced to, I learned the beauty of undertaking journeys on my own. The best memories of the last few years are all of me hiking completely alone with no one else in sight in any direction. Fully taking in the beauty of nature around me and feeling proud of my power.

I can fully be myself and don’t have to be aware that I’m talking to myself or tat I’m dancing, singing or cheering. 

I enjoy being around other people, I love the possibility of being alone.

4 Replies to “The beauty of loneliness”

  1. Thank you so much for following Travel Bugg. This post really resonated with me as I am also trying to travel and live more independently. I like how you describe the perfect solitude of hiking and how it makes you feel powerful rather than lonely. Looking forward to reading more!

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    1. Thanks for the compliments Ashleigh! Is there something you struggle with when you travel alone? For me it’s sometimes hard to start, but once I get going I don’t understand why I didn’t go sooner.

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      1. I definitely agree. For me, it’s getting over the initial anxiety of trip planning and the thought that I should be spending more time with family and friends rather than going alone. But once I begin, I really enjoy it.

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