The station that I passed

I’ve changed. It just hit me. I knew I was changing but at the same time I didn’t really register. I’m noticing that I have a hard time connecting with people. My way of thinking is so different from many of the people I hang out or work with.

The things that most of my fellow countrymen care about is something I quit caring for. Simple things like renting or buying a stone house, plain shopping or owning stuff. I just don’t care anymore. I can still remember how it felt, but it’s all gone now. Weird how these things go. With this realization comes another epiphany. 

Do people think I feel better than them? Do I act like I feel better than others? I sure hope not.

Right now I prefer not to talk about specific topics, because I don’t know how to behave. I’m a terrible actor and acting like I care just feels wrong. I try to carefully add some of my views to the conversation but it rarely happens that anyone seems to appreciate them. I completely understand that most people prefer their lives as they are, and I respect it.

I passed a station that most see as their final destination. I’m completely fine with that. But it’s hard for me to understand why people stay there since I’ve seen what’s ahaid. At the same time they might think that I’m crazy for keeping going since where they’re at life is pretty amazing.

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