In search of a good cause

Lees in het Nederlands

Donating money, signing petitions, supporting organizations, offsetting footprints, attending protests, volunteering. Many of the environment concerned people I know seem to do one or multiple of these things. I recently realized I don’t, and have been wondering why. I find excuses for myself, like I don’t have enough money. But that really isn’t true, since I just traveled for ten months straight. However I also don’t believe that throwing money at a problem isn’t going to solve it by definition. I think I’m skeptical by nature and don’t trust these people that say they’re going to do well with my money. On top of that I’m stereotypical Dutch; as frugal as possible. I’d rather put time than money in.

Another issue that I think prevents me from supporting an organization is that I can’t choose between all the options that I have. The issue counts for (almost) all points that make up the first sentence. Who does the best job, where is the biggest impact made, etc etc. So maybe I should put some effort in researching some organizations and find the goal that I can support wholeheartedly.

But then I might first need to think about what is important for me.

What organization or what kind of organization would I like to support in the coming years? What do I think is important to achieve? I’m having a hard time figuring that out. Maybe I can get some inspiration from my personal core values. Justice and equality; I think that’s what it’s all about in my life. That could translate to the broadest shoulders bearing the greatest burden and the bigger the polluter the more responsible they are to solve the problems. I think that’s the message that an organization I would like to support should convey.

But what is the subject they should be working on? I find that even more difficult. Because everything is important. Leaving the earth in such a way that future generations can grow up and live safely on this fragile planet. This includes the plastic problem and the entire spectrum of climate change.

I’m afraid if I stay too general, such an organization is more symbolic and can’t really achieve anything. Nature! Naturally! That is it. An organization that protects nature. Worldwide, with the help of the protection and development of nature, decreasing the emission of greenhouse gasses and ensuring the absorption of more CO2. Now all I have to do is find the right organization.

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