A glimpse into 2022

Lees in het Nederlands

Where will I take my blog or where will my blog take me in 2022? That’s an interesting question to ponder over. I think last year was an exceptional year for my website. I don’t want to get into that too much since I already did a story on that, however it will probably have an impact on next year’s growth. The upcoming year will, for me, be more about work- and personal development.

Last year I took my blog to a new level, now I’m planning to do the same with my career.

That certainly doesn’t mean that I’ll stop writing all together but I am expecting to put more energy into a working career. I’ve seen however, that new jobs often have been a load of inspiration for new stories. So where will I take my blog in 2022? If I can manage to have the same amount of views as in 2021 then I’ll be very happy. I hope to manage to write about one climbing destination, do a few more interviews and maybe finish that series with a conclusion and I hope to write a few good inspirational pieces.

But then the deeper question; Where will my blog take me?

What I’m hoping for mostly is that my content is proof to any potential employer of my capabilities. For years and years I was very insecure about my writing. During my landscape architecture studies I struggled with adding writing to my designs. Teachers would comment about it and when I worked in project groups I let others do the writing while I did layout work. My dyslexia was always in the back of my mind, thinking that I’m not able to write anything of value.

So when I started my blog, now 5,5 years ago, I had no expectations of myself. I just wrote what was in my mind. I didn’t expect to find myself years later enjoying writing as much as I do and be successful at it. I’m so glad that the simple fact of starting a website took me to where I am now.

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