When, not if!

Lees in het Nederlands

I’ve noticed that many people think in if’s. There was a long period that I did that myself. Recently I was getting very frustrated when I heard this person talk about if he had this, then he would do that. Straight away I realized that all these wonderful dreams he had would never come true. I figured that’s why I got frustrated. Then I was thinking back on how I was contemplating about how I wanted to travel for a year through Europe, I wasn’t thinking if. I was thinking when.

I told myself; when I have 10.000 euros I’ll be able to travel for one year.

So that’s what I set out to do. I had a measurable goal that was completely reachable.

This is just my short advice for you. If you really want certain things in life, think when, not if. Follow that when with a reachable goal and put as much effort into reaching it as you can. Try to stop thinking in if’s altogether, unless you enjoy daydreaming. I know that my life feels so much more fulfilling since I think this way. Proud to reach the goal and happy to set a new one.

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