Working away

Lees in het Nederlands

I’ve been on the road just shy of a month. The effect that doing a workaway is having on me is very interesting. I’m doing a lot more physical activities and I get to see new things and places almost every day. In just a few weeks my stamina has at least doubled. On the other hand my mind has calmed. That feels very healthy. I need a calm mind and an active body.

When I’m in a “normal” day to day life I stop feeling the urgency of going outdoors, going hiking, take my camera on adventures or just sit somewhere. In the life I’m living right now I see so many new things around me, I don’t have to push myself to get up and do things. I don’t feel guilty for not doing something I agreed on with myself. This makes life so much easier.

This is the positive effect I’m seeing from the free time I get to spend.

But there’s also the work that I’m doing. The project I’m working on offers many different things to do, but also to learn about. The range of skills that I have has grown in only one month. The last thing that I’m really happy about is that I’ve been practicing my social skills. In a short time I’m getting to know people really well, because I’m living and working with them. A thing I noticed is that I really have to work on not being irritated if things don’t go the way I’d do it, or others don’t see or understand at the same pace as I do.

So in short this way of living is great for me in at least four different ways. I’m happy that I decided to venture on this journey.

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