2019 A great year to a close

Lees in het Nederlands

A year and 50 blogs later I can say this has been a great year. On a whim I decided that I was going to post one blog a week. I almost made it but at the end of November I was struck with a terrible writers block. I had ideas but as soon as I started working on them they seemed empty and boring. So I gave myself a break and three weeks later I was missing the writing. I took up my pen once again so I could finish the year as I started.

I’m very thankful for all the support I received from each one of you. Some would comment on my blog or on Facebook what sometimes lead to interesting conversations. Others have been quiet supporters by reading each and every post. I only found out when we met in person once again. I want to thank each and every person who appeared in my stories over the past few years. You’re the ones who inspire me in so many different ways.

Today I look back at my most successful posts and notice something.
  1. Belgian Ardennes
  2. Rock climbing in Malta
  3. Climbing in Paklenica National Park
  4. Kalymnos, rock climbing heaven
  5. Crete, the climbing experience

All blogs about rock climbing destinations. So now after more than three years of blogging I guess I found my niche. Next year I hope to write more about climbing. How I plan to do that I leave to another post.

The stories I wrote made me more and more aware of the issues regarding climate change. At some point I had to tell myself that life is more than all the environmental issues, or is it? What I also really liked were my stories on my life in my caravan. It turns heads every time I talk about it with someone. Now a year and a half in I still enjoy most moments. The best part is that it makes my life as I live it now possible.

Not too long ago I had huge plans for my blog for next year, posting up to three times per week. After my writers block this view changed. I’d be thrilled if I make it another year of posting once a week. I’m hoping to double the views on movesbynature.com to 8000. I almost reached my 2019 goal of doubling the amount of views. So I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue this trend.

So thanks again for all the support I’ve received over the last year. Any kind of support for the next year is very welcome. I wish you all a stunning 2020 and hope to see you again in the next year.

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