The mushroom man

Lees in het Nederlands

Did it happen to you? You plan to go out on your own, empty your head for a moment, and before you know it you’re standing in a forest talking to a stranger for an hour. Honestly? That has never happened to me. That is why I would like to share this special experience with you.

After many days with rain there is finally a day with better weather. I decided to go and see the Vrachelse Heide near Oosterhout. Immediately upon arrival I am already surprised. It really is a beautiful forest and I take one picture after the other. It is autumn, so a good time to see mushrooms.

After I have portrayed a very beautiful beech lane, I see a man sitting on his knees in the forest. For a few seconds I wonder what he is doing, but then I see it already. He is taking pictures of a mushroom. Before I know it, he is explaining to me exactly what he is doing. With a flashlight he iluminates the mushroom for the perfect picture. I tell him that I also like to take pictures, but that I have never really invested enough time in it to take such beautiful pictures, that I deal with many things at the same time. He was that way too, he confides to me. He painted, drew and sang, among other things, and had a whole pile of other creative hobbies. Until one day he decided to go back to his first love, photography.

He shows all his materials and tells about the simple tricks he uses for the perfect picture. Pulled out all the stops to make me enthusiastic. And I have to admit, it worked. Recently I have been thinking about adding a photo section to my blog. Of course now again, but I am not sure yet. There is no topic or theme that I feel adds anything. If there are readers with ideas then I would love to hear it.

He, Guill, has certainly found his subject. He shows photos that he has taken in recent years. First of very special mushrooms but later also of dragonflies, butterflies and landscapes. He goes out every day from 11 to 5 and hikes between 10 and 20 km. If I am 85 years old, just like Guill, I hope that I can also spend my days like this. Let’s hope there will be places like this to be able to isolate yourself and have a chat with a casual passer-by.

I would love to go out with Guill once, he looks at the world in such a beautiful way and I could learn so much from him. Stupid enough, I lost his card with contact details on the way.

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