Vacation? Clean a beach!

Lees in het Nederlands

Inspired by a friend and some people I’ve seen online or on TV, I decided to take a moment during my vacation in Croatia and clean nature as good as I could. I wanted to leave my vacation destination a bit better than I found it.

Litter - bottleThe first few days I was there I obviously spend my time exploring, hiking, climbing etc. After all these activities it was time to relax for a day. In the morning I read a book and did some puzzling but in the afternoon I felt energized. So I grabbed my backpack, water and some trash bags and set out to the beach.

At first the beach didn’t look too dirty, but once I started to pay close attention I noticed all these small pieces of plastic. I ended up working for two hours and cleaned a stretch of 600 meters of beach. I filled four bags with all sorts of trash, of some of the items I could tell what it was or used to be. But some things had broken into such small pieces that I had no clue of what it belonged to.

Litter - collection

After the cleaning I threw everything in the trashcan of the campground. In the end I have no idea where that will go. I hope very much that it doesn’t end up in some poor open landfill. I talked to a local shop owner who told me that there are possibilities for recycling but that still most trash all ends up in the same garbage truck. So I’m hoping for the best that my effort was not in vain.

I hope this inspires you to also grab a garbage bag when you’re on holiday and clean that beach, forest or field. Leave it prettier than how you found it.

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