Things get better

Things get better - reedsIt was early March and I decided to go for a hike. It looked like it was going to be one of those slightly miserable days, gray clouds in the sky looking like they might drop rian at any minute. Only a few days before the weather was way too hot for late February. With temperatures going up to almost 20 celcius. I didn’t get to enjoy these sunny days to the fullest, I didn’t have the time to go out for a hike.

Even though this particular weekend day didn’t seem like the weather was going to be very good, on the radio was even talk of rain, I decided to go out nonetheless. It turned out to be so different. Just a little into the hike all of a sudden the sky cleared and I was walking in the sunshine. It wasn’t just me enjoying it.I heard and saw so many different birds. It was obvious that the past warm days told them that spring was well on its way and that it was time to start nesting. In reaction to the bird activity also people were coming out with cameras and binoculars.

Things get better - mushroomMe on the other hand have always been more interested in plant life, and if I looked close enough, I could see that the plants were getting ready for spring as well. On first sight all branches still looked baren, but coming close I could see that the buds were ready to burst. The willows in various locations were already showing beautiful flowers.

Whilst having a break at fort Everdingen I found recent beaver activity. It did its best to chew through a young willow. The tree was still standing but I was wondering if it would make it through the year, it was eaten from both sides and not much was keeping the tree upright. Trees are very interesting if you think about it. It needs very little to keep on living and when it know its about to die it will put all its strength into reproducing. The plant at that time is at its most beautiful, full with flowers.

Things get better - beaverAs I continued my hike the weather changed back to being gray and at the end I even caught some tiny drops of rain. That day did teach me a lesson. I realized that you never know what will change during the day. It can change in an instant. So from now on I will give everyday the chance to become better than it was.

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