To be or not to be self-employed; that is the question

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Early September I started a new job and I was aware it takes some time to adjust to new colleagues and a new kind of job. But since I wasn’t working anything near full time I was very much also focussed on finding clients for Moves By Nature. Things were pretty hectic in my head. I wanted to be successful, like the people in the youtube videos or those popular bloggers or maybe even the people on tv. If they can be successful in their way I can surely be in mine. I found passion for something right?

So I’ll just do this job on the side and I will be that awesome park ranger in a little bit.

My mind filled with wanting and needing to. Jumping from one idea to the next, while at the same time starting a new job and get Moves By Nature going. I noticed that I was analyzing every step I took and every move I made. The mind was on a constant go and I couldn’t stop it anymore.

I talked to a very good friend of mine and together we concluded I really had to let go for a while. I quit working on Moves By Nature and I tried to focus more on living in the moment and just experiencing things instead of thinking about how I could use my activity of the day for something more than just relaxation.

Once I put it on hold I’ve been a lot more physically active while at the same time I’ve done a lot of something that can be categorized as nothing, like reading and watching tv. Now about a month and a half in on doing things I feel like and not what I think I should do, I can say my mind has calmed down a bit.

I think that I’m not fit for running a business on my own. I need someone to tackle the finding clients part of the job. I’m just to friendly and I don’t want to be a nuisance to anybody.

On the other side of things, I think I found this amazing job that I really enjoy. I get to use my skills in a very fun way and at the same time it creates an opportunity for me to grow. Every day is different, which suits me perfectly. I’m still not 100% sure about what to do with Moves By Nature, but for now I want to get back into the blogging and writing plainly for the reason I enjoy it and not what I could achieve with it.

For certain I’m not going to tear down the ideas I’ve had so far. But for now they’re on hold. If a good opportunity comes by I surely will consider it.

I’m really happy with all the readers I have and I love to hear what you think. Please leave me a message here or on facebook. Thank you all!

8 Replies to “To be or not to be self-employed; that is the question”

  1. Klinkt alsof je waardevolle inzichten hebt gehad de afgelopen tijd! Heel erg herkenbaar om de lol kwijt te raken in iets omdat je zo bezig bent met het streven naar succes. Echt een killer voor je creativiteit en motivatie… Blijft een lastige balans denk ik, maar klinkt alsof je op de goede weg bent 🙂


    1. Ik moet zeggen dat de afgelopen paar jaar vol zit met goede inzichten. Het zoeken naar de juiste balans is de grootste uitdaging van alles. Ik vind het heel fijn om te horen dat ik echt niet de enige ben die zoekende is. Zo vaak voel je je zo alleen in je zoektocht.


  2. I enjoy reading your blogs! I think it is okay to just coast for awhile. Each day is a gift, and your talents will remain while you experience the world and get stronger.
    Shift into gear when you are ready. Sharon

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  3. This is very relatable – finding clients is the bit I find hard about being self employed! It’s helped me to narrow down that I want to be self-employed, rather than a business owner. I don’t think I want the stress of finding ongoing work for others (expanding into a business) and I am happy to pay a fee for other agencies to find personal clients for me, if that makes sense! Good luck figuring out what works best for you and enjoy the fun of blogging ☺️

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    1. Thank you Chloe. I like your view of wanting to be self employed. My goal was diferent however. I really want to be a national park ranger. But in my country the interpretive ranger just doesn’t excist, so for me it was a way of doing what I really like and actually getting paid for it. I don’t mind having an employer, and the kind of job I’m doing right now is also making me happy. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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