Can we make everybody a conservationist?

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One day I was thinking about the amount of people trying to preserve earth’s nature and on the other hand how many more just don’t give a fuck. I started to wonder if there isn’t a way to reach that last, way bigger group.

We, the people of the world, are in a way so detached from the planet that we live on, that many don’t see the true value of the nature around us. How can we manage that people once again connect with our mother earth. Because if we, in my opinion, start to feel that connection once again the people will feel the need to protect their environment.

People already interested in some form of conservation are usually open to new input. How about the people who say it’s all nonsense. Is there a way to change their minds?

Maybe the spread of religion can give us some examples. (Mind that I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m doing my best to write this with respect for all believes.) Here, in the North of Europe, people long ago were as they call it, heathens. Christianity spread out from Rome over Europe. Of course most people were not open to change from their (nature based) religion to Christianity. So the trick they used was to take the special days and events of the heathens and modify it a bit. Add some Christianity sauce and suddenly the heathens were celebrating a Christian holiday. Combine the birth of Christ with the return of the light feast and there you have Christmas in the shape that we more or less see today.

Can we implement this technique in a way to convince others of the importance of earths preservation? I’m torn with this idea. I think it’s very important that we do as much as we can to preserve as much as we can for future generations. But on the other hand I don’t like it if others force their opinion on me, or try to manipulate me. So how can I then think about doing this to others? And then I think about the people in power in the world, how they don’t care about any of this and just do whatever they want. Resulting in the idea that I wouldn’t ever lower myself to such standards and that makes me think that it sounds like I feel better than these people. Geez, trying to be a good person is so complicated. Sometimes I just wish that I could just go for that personal gain without feeling guilty.

Let’s just say that we would want to indeed try to make as many people conservationists. Is it possible to use this technique and add a conservation sauce to everything?

Maybe we should instead start with uniting all the different conservationists first. Big companies and our governments are doing whatever they want to our planet. The power we, the people, have over them is so minimal, especially when we are so divided. They each try to convince one another that their way of caring for our planet is the right one. How can we join our forces to actually make a change?

We need one simple goal that can unite everybody who is interested in protecting nature in the broadest sense of the word. I now wish that I have the answer, but this is so complex. Our planet is so complex, how can we simplify that? Can we even become one force against the big boys running the world?

This all can keep my head spinning for days. We live in such a complicated world, I sometimes wish that I was born a long time ago. Maybe even 10.000 years. I know it wasn’t all fun and games but at least we were connected to the nature around us.

Or should we even do something? I’ve always had the feeling that the best thing for our planet earth would be if humanity would simply disappear, and we’re heading that way very quickly at the moment. The process of change is a natural thing on earth. Things come and go, and for now it would be better is humanity goes.

I’m curious what you think. Can we together find a way to fight the big boys or turn everybody into conservationist?

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