Confidently being scared

Lees dit in het Nederlands

It’s been almost a year and a half that I quit my job, started looking into a new life and eventually made the plan to head out to the USA to test out the plan for my new life. By now I’ve been in the States for almost a year and I’ve grown from a lost puppy to a bloodhound on the trail to my new destination in life.

Day by day it’s getting closer and I’m excited to get there. I left home with a vague idea of starting a business of my own. By now I have an outlined plan of what type of business and I’m doing as much as I can right now to have a smooth start.

I’m making a business card and flyers, transform my blog into a business page, do research into potential customers, finding out how to register with the chamber of commerce, thinking about practical things like transportation and work space, about how to generate income before things kick off, and so on.

I never knew I had this in me. I never saw myself as being able to run my own business. Now I know it didn’t have to do with my ability, but with my (lack) of passion. I do see myself succeed at this. This might come across as over confident, but I can assure you that this is not the case.

I know the chances of failure are there. I feel like I have a great and original idea that can potentially be very successful, but….

Am I going to be able to convince any potential customers, will I ever get an invite for a meeting? The world I want to penetrate is very different from the world that I’ve been in for so many years. Also I’m afraid that if I somehow have been able to convince them, will I be able to live up to expectations and deliver. How on earth am I going to put a €-sign on myself and my work. What am I worth?

As I said, enough insecurity to keep me awake for hours, but I’m so lucky that I found a real passion. A job that I see myself doing for a long time, without the inevitable dread of having to go to work. I like to finish with a huge cliché that just feels so true.

Every person is in charge of their own happiness, you just have to work on it.


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