Finding inspiration

Lees in het Nederlands

I feel like a spoiled brat at the moment. For weeks I’ve been struggling with a lack of inspiration and I realized it’s because the things that I’m doing don’t feel special anymore. I’m spoiling myself with amazing views, activities and experiences. Since this life now feels so normal, it’s hard to see the unique things I’m doing.

I’ve been on the road for almost half a year now. Stayed at four different workaways and three campgrounds. Wrote about three climbing destinations. Went through some very toch moments and found my way out of them. The coolest of all is the variety of people I’ve met so far. Had great conversations with many of them and through that I learned even more about myself.

I am writing this on a monday afternoon, sitting on a bench looking over a turquoise blue river laced with trees in a variety of green shades. I’m completely at peace with myself, just being in the present.

So yeah, I’m spoiled.

However, I made this happen. I didn’t win a lottery or anything. I decided to live a simple life. One that allowed me to save money. A life that I could just pack up and take somewhere else. Where others of my age are buying houses and starting families, I went in the complete opposite direction. And I have to tell you, I’m not regretting it for one second. This life suits me better at the moment than the life that most have. Even though it often seems a lot easier than what I’m doing.

Whenever this journey ends I know that I’ve gained so much more than most. It will help me to jumpstart a new phase in my life. How long is that phase going to last? I don’t know. But I’m sure it will be fulfilling.

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