Desolate forest

I’m walking through a forest and something seems to be off. It smells nice. I realize it’s quiet, too quiet for a forest. Somehow I sense this vibe of death. I look at the trees that form this forest. They’re all the same, growing very close together. I realize these trees are not from here, they’re from the other side of the world. This is a eucalyptus forest, native to Australia. But I’m in Spain at the moment.

In my mind the puzzle pieces come together and I start to see the picture.

These trees have been planted here, probably for wood production. I remember the lessons I learned from Peter Wohlleben. In his book he explains that planted exotic trees behave differently than when they grow up in their natural habitat, with their family. These trees get into this competition for sunlight. Not showing any respect to their neighbours, they’re all soloists.

A forest that is extremely dark, so dark that hardly anything else can grow there, is created. On top of that all other life, animals, fungus, bacteria, have never seen such a plant before. So they have no idea how to use or eat it. It’s natural opponents have all been left behind on the other side of the world. So leaves, bark, branches and even full trees stay behind on the forest floor. Creating this strange desolate forest.

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