Humankind, how kind humans really can be

I’m doing it! I’m sharing books that I’ve read and thought were really interesting with you. Since you’re reading my blog there’s a big chance that you’re interested in the same things as me. I won’t give you a book review or an essay. I’ll tell you what I learned from the book. Why the book was worth my time.

Just one little disclaimer: I’ve read the book as a Dutch audiobook.

So the very first book I read as an audiobook is Humankind by Rutger Bregman. It is about eight hours long, but I hardly noticed that. He wrote it in such a compelling way that I had a hard time to actually stop listening sometimes. It also was a nice touch that he is actually the one reading his book to me. Okay, enough with the intro.

Let me start off by telling you what the book did for me.

I constantly felt approved in thoughts and feelings I already had and added a lot more depth to my knowledge. Now I felt stronger in my own opinions. He looked at so many researches, all pointing in the same direction. So now, even though when society is telling me something different, I believe in the good of people. I actually caught myself preaching this to others. Because if we all believe it, it will be true. 

Oh geez, I’m sounding so religious now. But I think in its core many religions are pretty much the opposite of this. I won’t go into the matter too deep. And I’d like to disclaim that I have very little knowledge about religions. But what I often see from religions is that humanity is bad in it’s core and only if you work hard enough you’ll earn the right to go to heaven. 

Let me get back to the book. It has a few threads throughout the book, but my favourite is the narrative of Homo puppy. You might wonder who that is. It’s us! We, the people of this planet. Right now I’m actually in doubt how much I will tell about it. Since it’s such a fun story to read for yourself. But I think I can tell you a little, since Rutger talks about it in his interviews too.

So there’s evidence or at least a strong suspicion that humanity has “bred” themselves to be a friendlier kind of themselves. This has made us more successful than other human species that have lived on this planet. Not being more aggressive. So we can, in a way, compare ourselves to the pets we have living in our home. That’s, I figure, how he came up with the new term for our species, Homo puppy. Immediately everyone around me just looks that tiny bit more friendly.

Over the last few years I’ve been toying with ideas on how our country and world should be changed. Politicians now seem more a ventriloquist’s doll of the few people and business with a lot of money and power. So hoping that they will do something seems like a waste of time. Rutger gave me a lot of proof that most people enjoy working together. And that together we can rule our own world. We don’t need the “wise” leaders to tell us what to do. So when there are enough people that see we are strong and smart as a collective, then maybe we can change the system.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts. I hope it has made you curious enough to read the book yourself. I’m hoping I did it justice in only one page.

Once you’ve read it I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. Are you agreeing with his theory or are you inclined to think of people being bad, with a varnish layer of decency?

This post is not sponsored. But if you’re curious about Rutger and his work then you can follow this link to his website.

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