Lees in het Nederlands

She had been there for a while, on a nice flat stone under an olive tree. Looking out over the area, her hair blowing in the stiff breeze. Birds chattering and buzzing insects. She didn’t notice much of it because she was deep in thought. What would her next step be? What exactly had she done? She wasn’t sure. One moment she was still in her normal life and the next she was suddenly on the other side of Europe. The day before, she got on the wrong train on a whim. Instead of going to work, she drove at high speed towards the border of the Netherlands. Nothing at all except her bag with lunch, wallet and phone.

She stared out the window without actually taking it in. When the train stopped at its final stop a few hours later, she slowly got out. After wandering around the station, she saw a train that would take her even further from home, not even worrying about buying a ticket. Not much later the train left and she sank back into her trance. Landscapes flew past her without her realizing it. Mountains came and went. When it slowly started to get dark and her stomach really made it clear to her that she needed some food, she got off at the next station. She wandered into town and entered the first hotel. She paid for a room and then sat in the restaurant. Without really tasting it, she ate a simple meal and then left for her room.

There she threw her bag and clothes on the bed and stood under a very pleasant rain shower for a long time. Dried down she crawled naked in bed not to sleep a wink all night. At first light she left the hotel and made her way back to the station. Here came her first doubt. Would she catch the train back home? But what was she really going to do there? She searched the signs for the first train that would take her further from home. At the end of the line she found a sweet slow train that drove her quietly into the countryside. She got out at a lovely village and started walking.

Until she saw this stone, which she is sitting on now. It looked quite comfortable and now half an hour later she is still there, without really being bothered by anything. Although, she still has her questions. How so? What now? Less than a week ago her life seemed to really start and now it is suddenly over. She has to accept the new reality. She has no idea how, but deep down she knows that she will succeed. She’s strong. She slowly awakens from her musings. The joyful song of the many birds dawns on her and gives a whistling answer. She feels the tension in her body from the past week slowly flowing away. How she missed that nature.

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