Helped by nature

Part four in my interview series. In this series of blog posts I’m researching the impact of nature. I realized that I have my perception of nature and I know what it means to me, but I’m really curious how others think about it. I’m hoping to collect many stories. Maybe in the end I have enough material to make some interesting conclusions. But there’s only one way to really find out.

This time I’d like to introduce you to Emma.

I met Emma while volunteering at my first workaway. At that time she had already traveled and stayed at workaways for half a year or so. We both have a passion for hiking, so we enjoyed going on a lot of trips together.

In the month and a half that we spend time together I’ve gotten to know her as an interesting girl, wise beyond her years. She studied theater and drama therapy. Even though she’s 10 years younger than me there was a lot that I could learn from her. I enjoyed interviewing her and I hope that you’re able to learn something from her too.

Can you define nature?

For me?

For you.

I think what nature means to me is peace. And space. Both literally space and that it also gives me space in my head when I am in nature. I think so.

That is actually more the meaning of nature to you, how would you define nature?

How would I define it? What a tough question. I would say. Anything not created by humans, I think that’s nature. So the unaffected, pieces of earth that are left and are not influenced by industry or by humans.

So actually in Europe we have very little nature left?

Yes, I think a lot has been determined by people. Built and a lot of industry, and it is landscaped. The untouched, I think that’s how I would define nature.

How does nature affect your life?

What I already just said a little bit. I think it helps me, being in nature. To get certain thoughts out. Also to help relax.

What’s your favourite piece of nature?

A forest. Because there is always the most to discover for me. I love to walk there. There are different structures there, different paths, I think that’s my favorite. Although I also really like the mountains and the sea. But forest is number one.

Did you grow up in a wooded area yourself?

No, not really actually. As a child we used to go for a walk in the woods with the family. But it’s not like it was our backyard.

What activity do you prefer to do in nature?


Your number one?

Yes, hiking on one. But I also like swimming, surfing and water sports. But hiking is always on one.

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