The stray beach tourist

Every once in a while I sit down and observe nature, inspired by Enos A. Mills. I look at what really is around me, doing my best to describe what I see, how I experience my surroundings. It’s relaxing and inspiring.

Sitting with my feet in the ocean, looking at an island in the distance. It’s been windy all week, as is today. The sea is a very dark blue with white here and there of the rolling waves that are pushed forth by the wind. To the right of me I see people swimming and the town I’m staying at. To the left of me the land and ocean is empty. A sign just told me that behind this line is a military facility. Pictures and crossing is not allowed. The beach looks so inviting however. No human footsteps or constructions. A piece of nature ready for exploring.

Behind the village I’m staying at I see high mountains rising up. The few clouds over the mountains don’t seem to move. They look friendly, not to worry for any change of weather. This sight is inviting me to explore. But time is almost up here, maybe one day I’ll come back and explore more of this island of two worlds. 

I’ve been on Crete for a week now, but feel like I know very little of this island. The two worlds come down to this great contrast between rugged nature and beach tourism. The tourists however don’t always stay on the beach. They take tours to see the rugged nature in their beach tourist manner, looking fashionable and aware of their own selves. For the outdoor person a weird place to meet the beach person. Me, I’m happy to see that they do go out and see these places, hoping that they will start to appreciate these places and start to care and protect. 

beach tourist_trash

Protection is really what this island needs, the pristine nature is alternated with piles of trash. Will there ever be a time the whole island will be pristine once again? I don’t think so, but one can always hope and do their share. Before I leave this spot i’m sitting in, I’ll take all the trash stuck in the fence, or at least as much as I can carry. Maybe there will be that one person who sees me and does the same. Let’s pass on the good vibes.

But not all is bad here. When I walked along the beach to end up to the place I’m now sitting at, I came across some fences that had been put up on the beach. A turtle laid her eggs there and someone is protecting the nest. I’m truly happy when I see this small positive actions, it means not everything and everyone is bad. A feeling that creeps up on me every once in a while.

beach tourist_turtle eggs

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