Change how you see your part of the world with these 4 tricks

Why do we travel all over the world to see places we’ve never seen before? Why do we think the landscape we live in is boring? Often locals are surprised with the interest foreigners show for the area they live in.

As part of my change in how I impact the planet I chose not to fly long distance for a short holiday. I will only fly far if I’ll stay for multiple months in a far away country. This means I’m trying to focus on exploring my own country and see more of Europe. However it’s often hard to see all these beautiful pictures from all over the world, it looks so much better than my own backyard. Even so, I still often am surprised with the beauty of my everyday surroundings. I regularly want to share them with others and wonder why they are not noticing that full moon rising or the colors on the trees. So I hope to share my way of seeing my environment.

It takes effort to see beauty in your everyday life. But I think in the end that everyone can do it, just practice.

How you see - 1When driving to work look for things that are different from other days. Maybe the fields are sparkling white due to a freezing night. Or maybe the moon is about to set.


How you see - 2When spending time outdoors study an object up close. When you see things from a different perspective you might find hidden beauty.


How you see - 3Pick a (part of a) day to go sightseeing in an area you’re familiar with. Make an effort to see it like you’ve never seen it before. Maybe take pictures of sights you’re so familiar with, but like at the same time.


How you see - 4Find a place to sit down and just look. See what color the sky is. What animals you can spot, what features around you stand out. Maybe you can even write this down or draw it. It’s not meant to show to others, so don’t worry about quality, just enjoy you being there.


Some of these things I do naturally and sometimes I use these techniques on purpose. I instantly feel different when I pay more attention to my direct surroundings. I feel more happy and energized when I notice beauty in my everyday surroundings.

I’m wondering if more people do this, and if so what method do you use most often, did I miss any good ones?

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